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新西兰护理学作业代写 抗体治疗用途


新西兰护理学作业代写 抗体治疗用途

Due to their unique structure and various forms mAbs show why they are great for therapeutic use but also why they are challenging molecules to develop. There are factors that are essential to antibody design and that should be kept in mind: conformational stability, binding affinity and specificity, colloidal stability, effector function, antibody design, cytotoxicity (antibody-drug conjugates), and bi-specificity. Each of these properties can be easily changed sequentially however, changes in one property can lead to deficiencies in others. While optimizing these categories simultaneously is prohibitive due to the fact such a large library must be built to accommodate the modifications.The first thing to focus on with antibody design is to be able to have it recognize the antigen with high affinity and specificity. To modify this, changes must be made in the CDRs, there are a few approaches that allow the redesigning of mAbs such as de novo design, and motif-grafting.De Novo design is essentially starting anew. To redesign the CDRs of the mAb a computational approach is taken named OptCDR (Optimal Complementarity Determining Regions). This has been created to design

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