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奥克兰管理学作业代写 戴尔公司

机构层面的管理者计划和控制广泛的目标,并由戴尔公司精心设计。管理者根据更广泛的社会条件和外部机构来选择活动并建立联系。他或她通过准备静思会和相关的部门培训来激励组织员工。除了将责任下放给两个组织结构一级的管理人员之外,管理人员还协调技术一级和行政一级之间的联系。苹果公司的管理结构是分级的。它是由公司的创始人开发的,目的是确保集中承认他的创造性思想和清晰的业务愿景。这种结构支持推动进一步技术创新的战略。但是,为了鼓励不同层次的创造性和创新,在较低的管理层次上采取了一定程度的分权结构进行决策,这符合行业需求和当前的全球市场(Whiteley & Hessan, 2008)。组织还拥有基于产品的经理,他们的协作策略导致了基于客户偏好的独特产品的开发。最高管理者为员工提供晋升机会,进行培训和评估,以激励他们提高产量。经理还负责协调和严格控制业务的所有方面,如公司的所有生产和销售业务(Whiteley & Hessan, 2008)。经理还将有关生产、销售和营销活动的职责委派给相关部门,以促进电子产品的可持续生产。

奥克兰管理学作业代写 戴尔公司

The manager at the institutional level plans and controls the wide destinations and crafted by Dell Corporation all in all. The manager selects activities and build up the association in connection to the more extensive social condition and external agencies. He or she serves to motivate the organizational employees by preparing retreats and respective departmental trainings. The manager also coordinates the link between the technical level and the administrative level besides delegating responsibilities to the managers of the two organizational structural level.The management structure of Apple Inc. is hierarchical. It was developed by the company’s founder with the aim of ensuring centered acknowledgment of his creative thoughts and a clear vision for the business. This structure supports strategies that push for further technological innovation. However, a decentralization structure has been assumed later in lower management levels for decision making to a certain extent in order to encourage inventiveness and innovation at different levels, which suit industry demands and the current global market (Whiteley & Hessan, 2008). The organization also has products based managers whose collaborative strategy results in the development of unique products based on customer preferences. The top manager provides promotional opportunities, conduct training, and appraisal activities to employees in order to motivate them to increase their production. The manager is also responsible for coordinating and conducting tight control over all the aspects of the business, such as all the production and sales operations of the company (Whiteley & Hessan, 2008). The manager also delegates responsibilities with regards to production, sales, and marketing activities to the respective departments in order to promote sustainable production of electronic products.


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