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由于缺乏监督,学生能够说服他们的朋友或家人通过技术的使用来代表他们完成作业或考试。Berkowicz和Myers(2013)讨论了家长在完成学生家庭作业中的参与。在一个案例中,当学生正在上课时,通过一个非学校的IP地址访问了一个在线课程。这种情况引起了对保持提交作品完整性的关注(Berkowicz & Myers, 2013)。虽然有可能是家长来检查学生的进度,但也有可能是有人代表学生完成了作业。另一个需要考虑的问题是使用移动技术造成的网络欺凌和歧视。网络欺凌是指以电子形式出现的任何有意或攻击性行为。2014年,研究人员发现,由于年轻人是利用网络交流的最大群体,他们面临的网络滥用风险最大。在大学年龄的学生中,由于社会群体之间的激烈竞争和政治信仰,欺凌更容易发生。不幸的是,虐待的程度可能不知道,如果不报告给机构。对学生来说,重要的是能够相信他们的机构领导人将提供一个安全和稳定的学习环境。学习者应该能够在不担心同伴报复的情况下讨论问题。在某些情况下,网络欺凌可能伴随着网络身份盗窃。之前的研究表明,许多学生在网络安全方面非常放松,尤其是在移动技术方面(van Schaik, 2017)。2017年的一项研究发现,尽管学生认为身份盗窃是科技使用的严重风险,但他们也认为,他们可以采取的最重要的预防行为是安装杀毒软件(van Schaik等,2017)。虽然杀毒软件很重要,但是像不从图书馆的学校电脑上注销这样简单的事情就会使学生的身份处于危险之中。再次强调,学生应该能够相信他们在一个安全的学习环境中,而不是担心缺乏来自同伴的网络隐私。

新西兰assignment代写 在线课程

Due to the lack of supervision, students are able to convince their friends or family to complete assignments or exams on their behalf through the use of technology. Berkowicz and Myers (2013) discussed the involvement of parents in completing their student’s homework assignments. In one case, an online class was accessed from a non-school IP address, while the student was in class. This situation created concerns about maintaining the integrity of the work submitted (Berkowicz & Myers, 2013). While it is possible that a parent may have accessed the course to check on the student’s progress, there is also the possibility that someone might have been completing work on the student’s behalf.Another issue to consider is cyber bullying and discrimination through the use of mobile technology. Cyber bullying is any intentional or aggressive action in an electronic format. Researchers in 2014 found that, because young people make up the largest group to utilize cyber communication, they are at the most risk of cyber abuse. Within college aged students, bullying is more likely to occur due to high competition amongst social groups, and political beliefs . Unfortunately, the extent of any abuse may go unaware if not reported to the institution. It is important for students to be able to trust that their institutional leaders are going to provide a safe and stable learning environment. Learners should be able to discuss concerns without fear of retaliation from peers.In some cases, cyber bullying can be accompanied with cyber identity theft. Previous research has shown that many students are pretty relaxed in terms of cyber security, especially with mobile technology (van Schaik, 2017). One study in 2017 found that while students considered identity theft a serious risk of technology usage, they also felt that the most important precautionary behavior they could take was installing anti-virus software (van Schaik et al, 2017). While anti-virus software is important, something as simple as not logging out of school computer in the library can put a student’s identity at risk. Again, students should be able to trust that they are in a safe learning environment, and not fear for lack of cyber privacy from peers.

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