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新西兰教育学作业代写 美洲教育


新西兰教育学作业代写 美洲教育

To ensure the highest outcome of student success it is crucial that the home environment is able to have an open form of communication with the school system to provide an equal balance of learning and support. The school and the home should be seen as a partnership each working together to ensure the success of the individual. It is vital in understanding the cultural factors that might arise in establishing a strong bond between school and home. Most have concerns with language barrier, struggling to find proper child care, and the connection with the teacher. It is common that when either a question or problem arises Latinos will turn to the most trusted people in their circle. This can be classified as other family members or even other community members such as neighbors. These family members or other various valued members can be used as a resource to establish a bond of trust by making connections with the people that are closest with them. By school systems reaching out and making it known that their child is valued it will encourage parents to rely on teacher and administration more in order to facility scholastic success. The language barrier is also a prominent concern because it could cause parents to feel insecure about asking questions or hinder their involvement in school events. This can result in the parent feeling powerless in guiding their child to make the best decisions within the system. By being understanding, patient, and reaching out to various resources to help breakdown the language barrier it will make the parent understand that the student is truly valued. In order for change to be made, parents must be encouraged to get involved and be an active participant in their child’s learning, while at the same time receiving support and accommodations from the education system. By solidifying these objectives, it will provide equal opportunity for Latino students, who are eager to learn, to move forward on their education journey. It starts with taking a step back and having acceptance for others and coming to the realization that each individual has their own values and have their own way of learning that is unique to them. By considering this we can facilitate progress in parental engagement and school understanding. As parents become aware that they need to be an advocate for their child’s learning the school will know what they need to shift in order to facilitate learning. As this occurs the school can adapt to parent and student needs, which in turn will encourage students to apply themselves by putting more effort into something that is right for them. A beneficial idea is opening the line of communication between parents to help each other understand what is working and what isn’t. This provides a community where opinions can be expressed and systems can be tailored.


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