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Being a nursing student it’s our responsibility to teach about the importance of education for the better development of child and family. Another important factor is parent’s income which influence student’s performance therefore it is recommended that government should take some serious initiatives to provide jobs to people and raise the socioeconomic status of people. The government should provide financial support and should give scholarship especially to those who cannot afford the expenses of education.Mass media also play an important role for the awareness among people regarding the poor literacy condition in our country on account of socioeconomic addition we can counsel students to do extra efforts along with their studies so that they don’t have to compromise with their studies.In conclusion, I want to say that keeping view to the above discussion there is a direct relation between socioeconomic status and students learning and academic achievement.Especially the parents income and education level which has a great impact on children academic achievement. Therefore it’s very important to raise the socioeconomic status of people so they can easily afford their children education expenses. For this we can have interventions individually and on government level like educating parents, mass media awareness, and scholarship etc. As it is stated in a study which is conducted in International Islamic university Islamabad that socioeconomic status has significant impact on students learning



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