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Speaking part assesses students’ ability to participate in conversations. Students are required to complete two tasks: conversation and the cultural presentation. Speaking part expects students to understand the scenario and to communicate information and ideas. Conversation assesses students’ interpersonal communication skill. Students need to participate in a simulated conversation. The cultural presentation assesses students’ presentational communication skill. Students need to make a presentation to an audience about a Chinese cultural practice, tradition or product.The table below clearly illustrates that the AP Chinese exam fulfills the objective that to assess three communicative modes in the Chinese language along with the knowledge of Chinese culture. Three communicative modes are almost equally assessed. Communication among the five Cs is the main goal area that exists in every part of the exam, the other four Cs provide the meaningful contexts. Comparisons part is obviously less proportioned.The second table below illustrates that the AP Chinese exam covers all six skills in the cognitive domain of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Comprehension skill is the key assessing area in the AP Chinese exam, students need to understanding different information in order to complete different communication assessment tasks. Other skills such as knowledge (recalling), application, analysis, and synthesis are almost equally assessed except evaluation in here is less proportioned.



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