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奥克兰社会学作业代写 移民

移民是一个长期的问题,2001年9月11日的悲剧事件进一步说明了这一点。这一天明确了我们的移民法在执法方面是如何松懈或根本不存在的。一些州决定制定这样的法律,以便对无证移民进行合法的拦截(Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018)。亚利桑那州制定了SB1070法案,这是一项针对非法移民的反移民法案,给予执法部门合理的怀疑来检查一个人的移民身份(amudo – dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018)。此外,有几个州决定效仿亚利桑那州的法律。这扩大到确认入学身份。不知不觉中,非法移民的身份已被查明。截至2011年底,已有304,678名可能的移民被转移(Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018)。人们担心的是这些人是否受到了刑事制裁。在304,678人中,有一半可能是交通违规或轻罪(amudo – dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018)。通过根据犯罪行为对移民进行分类,并通过移民与海关执法局(ICE)对其进行处理,这一举措旨在提高移民的遣返速度和速度。到2011年,该系统进入了近700万人(Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018)。这进一步使问题复杂化,因为居住在混合家庭或出生在美国的青年的家庭由于是无证家庭的一部分而开始面临困难。许多司法因素开始引起人们的注意,并提出了一些倡议,例如《儿童入境暂缓遣返法》、《桥梁法案》、《承认美国儿童法案》、《梦想法案》、《美国希望法案》等等。重点是清除非法移民,事后看来,这对年轻人的影响并没有被考虑在内。最终,为了不利用青少年进一步被驱逐出境,司法移民法官授予了青少年留在美国的权利.

奥克兰社会学作业代写 移民

Immigration has been a long-term issue and has been further defined by the tragic events of September 11th, 2001. This day defined how our immigration laws have been either lax or non-existent regarding enforcement. Several states decided to create such laws in order to conduct lawful stops on undocumented immigrants (Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018). Arizona had created SB1070 which is an anti-immigration bill that is targeting illegal immigrants and gives law enforcement the reasonable suspicion to check the immigration status of a person (Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018). Furthermore, several states decided to mirror their laws similar to Arizona. This expanded to confirmation of status upon enrollment in schools. Before you know it, illegal immigrants were being identified all over. By the end of 2011, 304,678 possible migrants had the ability to be removed (Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018). The concern became if the ones identified had any criminal sanctions filed against them. Potentially, half of the 304,678 had either a traffic offense or a misdemeanor offense (Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018). By classifying the immigrants based on crimes committed, processing them via Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), this was supposed to enhance the speed and removal of immigrants. This system entered nearly seven million people by the year 2011 (Amuedo-Dorantes & Puttitanun, 2018). This further complicated the issue as families who lived in mixed households or are U.S. born youth began to face hardships due to being part of families that are undocumented. Many judicial factors began to take notice and initiatives were being created, such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), Bridge Act, Recognizing America’s Children Act (RAC), Dream Act, America’s Hope Act to just name a few. The focus was to remove the illegal immigrants and in hindsight, the effect on the youth had not been factored in. Ultimately, to not exploit the youth in regard to further deportation, judicial immigration judges granted juveniles the ability to remain in the United States

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