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In most of the situations teams are composed of individuals who have complementary skills that are then used for fostering creativity and innovativeness and better accomplishment of the team’s long-term goals and objectives. The enhance performance, coupled with increase responsiveness to customer’s needs and wants, results in better creativity and innovation. It is worth mentioning that the increase in the creativity and innovativeness could be attributed to the fact that usually in team structure there tend to be a positive motivation factors that are usually missing in other form of organizing efforts. The writer of this paper believe that the positive motivation that is present in the team along with the participative leadership and management lead towards better commitment that in turn results in better innovation and creativity. In addition, as in case of team structure, the members of the team are more close to the customers that give them the ability to better understand the customer’s needs and wants and then work towards different ways that such needs and wants could be satisfied (Michael, 2007). If an organization has cross-functional team the task accomplishment is becoming comparative easy and the innovation that the organization will work on will tend to be more successful.


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