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Building an educational foundation at an early age is important in the life of a child. However, young children do not possess attention spans to sit for long amounts of instructional time. Therefore, a majority of early childhood learning should take place in a manner that is fun and attractive to the child. Learning games are a great way to teach many basic concepts to kindergarten children. Thus, the method or design early learning among children should be emphasized. As we can see, children are more easily attracted to something interesting like a cheerful color, pictures and graphics, music and art, singing and dancing, storytelling which by this attractive design it become more easily to them to learn and memorize things forever thus help the development of their thinking and learning skill. Therefore, designing an attractive game and learning methods to the kindergarten children is important to ensure they are able to learn a sense of fun and at the same time can help to improve their learning capabilities without put any pressure to them.



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