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More recent Constructivist theory unfolded along a continuum from what is called “weak” to “strong” forms constructivism, based on adherence to particular epistemological tenets. Although this differentiation implies a certain epistemological heterogeneity, their theoretical understandings share much common understanding. (Doolittle, 1999, p. 1)Taken together, Constructivism views meaningful personal experience as the basis of knowledge and learning. Meaning is constructed within a context of personal experience that is rooted in language, culture, and the social experiences of each individual. There can be no objectively verifiable truth or knowledge within constructivism, as each individual brings a unique perspective grounded in their own previous knowing. Much of this knowledge is tacit and resides in the implicit memory of the individual, but it exerts its influence and acts as a lens through which an individual views information and relates it to their understanding of the world. Knowledge and thus learning is embodied within the experiencing self.



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