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Indeed, education is one important gift to both boys and girls. It is through education that boys and girls can be able to achieve their various dreams in life. Thus, there is need to adapt a model that works for both of them. Over time, there has been a debate as to whether single sex schools improve student performance. This debate has drawn a lot of views from the students themselves, parents/guardians, teachers, human support groups as well as the legal authority. Even though there are opposing views concerning the encouragement of single sex schools on the premise that; they tend to separate girls and boys making them fear one another and thus leading to isolation as well as contributing to high level of divorce in the long run, single sex schools are good for education for various reason. One of them is that they encourage a feeling of safety, promotes a feeling of safety as well as avoiding any form of distractions. Another reason is the fact that boys and girls develop differently as well the undeniable truth that schools are stormed by females as opposed to males, which makes boys uncomfortable. On top of that, teachers are also more productive in single sex schools as opposed to co-ed schools due to uniformity. Moreover, single sex schools enables students to engage in debates and conversation without any form of gender based intimidation.


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