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笔者认为,团队的建设是一个重要的方面,团队的目标和目标实现的一个巨大的程度取决于团队建设的努力。从本质上讲,了解一些基本概念可以更好地帮助形成更好的团队。团队中的第一重要的因素可能是无疑的称为任务,团队要完成(卡特et al.,2000)。早期的努力应澄清的主要任务,以及如何将这些主要任务已被分为不同的功能任务,在操作层面。如果组织的成员意识到他们正试图完成什么,这将有助于加强积极的动机,并确保在这样的团队工作的不同个人的承诺(艾德勒,2002)。在团队建设过程的第二个重要因素是管理过程中,团队如何一起工作。这可以通过指示不同的规则和程序,并从事一些组织活动的报告成员之间的关系将被澄清的团队(布雷特等人,2006)。

另一个重要的组成部分,是强大的团队的努力,需要的是组织的不同成员之间的通信(草案,2006)。一个巨大的程度,这将取决于领导在一个给定的团队,如果领导的声音存在于一个团队,他们将能够建立良好的沟通渠道,但缺乏健全的领导通常会导致团队中的不同成员之间的沟通,在沟通上草率的结果(Fink et al.,2004)。虽然没有管理,适用于所有类型的团队领导,但笔者认为,这套组织团队模式无疑是参与式的领导风格,团队的领导者需要考虑团队的不同成员,因此决定用最好的领导风格(George &琼斯,2005)。基本上,如果这种领导方式与变革型领导风格相结合,可以取得更好的结果。


The writer of this paper believes that teambuilding is an important aspect and the accomplishment of the team’s goals and objectives to a huge extent depends on the team building efforts. Essentially, the understanding of some basic concepts could better help in the formation of better teams. The first vital element of teambuilding process could be undoubtedly termed as the task that the team is going to accomplish (Carter et al., 2000). Early efforts should be made to clarify the major task and how such major task has been grouped into different functional tasks at the operational level. If members of the organization are aware of what they are trying to accomplish, it will help in reinforcing positive motivation and ensure the commitment of the different individuals working in such teams (Adler, 2002). The second vital element of the teambuilding process is the management of process that how the team will work together. This could be accomplished by pointing different rules and procedures and engaging in some organizational activities where the reporting relationship between the members of the team will be clarified (Brett et al., 2006).

Another vital component that is needed for strong teambuilding efforts is the communication between different members of the organization (Draft, 2006). To a huge extent this will depends on the leadership within a given team and if sound leadership exists within a team they will be in position to established sound communication channels, however a lack of sound leadership usually results in sloppy communication between different members of the team that essentially results in miscommunication (Fink et al., 2004). Although there is no management and leadership suitable to all types of team, however the writer of this paper believe that one of the best leadership style that suit the team mode of organizing is undoubtedly the participative leadership style where the leader of the team takes into consideration the different members of the team and made the decisions accordingly (George & Jones, 2005). Essentially if such sort of leadership approach is combined with the transformational leadership style, better results could be accomplished.



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