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Action research cited in is a “process of systematic inquiry that seeks to improve social issues affecting the lives of everyday people” however on a more direct note to where it is situated in the classroom, Stringer (2014) describes it as “a distinctive approach to inquiry that is directly relevant to classroom instruction and learning and provides the means for teachers to enhance their teaching and improve students learning” Both of these representations of action research have helped to prove the researcher with enough information to understand the concept.When following an action research plan there are a few ways that it could be undertaken. For the focus of this research the researcher will outline the method of Kurt Lewin and its importance. Cohen et al. (2011) name Lewin as the originator of the action research process in breaking it down into four different sections; Planning, Acting, Observing and Reflecting. From this model there have been numerous changes made. Kemmis and McTaggart (2005) action research cycle is similar in that it has a plan, act, observe and reflect, but this reflection is allowing the researcher to change the plan and begin the cycle again.


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