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In addition to the economic reasons, some people point that for those students who have supreme talents in specific areas do not necessarily need college degrees. For example, Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft, who dropped from Harvard and sought for his fortune in his twenties. At the beginning, people considered him crazy and irrational, as Harvard is the dream for most of people worldwide. However, Gates proved his choice was reasonable and rational with his amazing success and huge fortune. At this point, many people would claim that having a college degree is not important. Meanwhile, some people may propose that a college degree is not the unique channel to success. However, the success of other people cannot always be copied.In today’s society, the pursuit of college education contributes to the wisdom and great jobs. The richness of knowledge would increase the competitiveness for people in different fields. Receiving college education will cost a lot of money. People have to borrow money or take out educational loans to support their fees. However, based on the “The Rising Cost of Not Going to College”, it is found that 89% of college-educated Millennial are most likely to be recruited full time, while 82% of their less educated counterparts and less likely to be unemployed or fired. This data indicate that the college degree contributes to getting a good job, although people have to pay the expensive tuition.


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