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As depicted in the pie chart, only 36% of the students in the sample population supported competition. According to them, competition plays a constructive role by encouraging them to learn how to be the best of the bests, thus enhancing learning process. It is claimed by the learners that since ‘everyone cannot win a prize or a scholarship at the end of the academic year’, competition acts as a powerful stimulating factor which promotes enormous efforts and maintains ‘high standards’. In the focus group interview, it was said that the purpose of competition is to create winners and losers and this is how the education system aims to reward achievement, induce effort and evaluate students’ progress. These findings comply with Lawrence’s (2004) arguments that competition encourages active learning and boost students’ motivation.Students argue that they do their homework, study hard for exams and tests, and work for weeks on projects not because they love to learn but because the competitive atmosphere motivates them to do so. When asked to indicate the precise factor that keeps them motivated to thrive, they mentioned about winning scholarships, being ranked at national level, gaining teacher’s appreciation and prizes. It is noteworthy that what makes the reward desirable is the fact that many students are vying for the same rewards.



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