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当我上大学,主修达曼大学的英语文学时,文学和语言学课程帮助我了解了我早期的语言学习经验。阅读英语和写作英语的乐趣来自于自我探索的强烈内在召唤和帮助我的朋友的意志增强了我对英语语言的热爱。它使我相信,只要我能不断提高我对这种迷人语言的掌握,我愿意付出艰苦的努力。我相信我的能力,能力和成绩排名高于我的学业成绩,这是由于家庭环境,我在我的本科研究。这是显而易见的,我收到了来自沙特政府的奖学金,在你们学校继续我的研究生学习。 我毕业后,我曾与沙特阿拉伯的计算机技术研究所所长Alamiah作为一名英语教师,两年八个月,我开始与他们合作,从03 / 2007到11 / 2009。前六个月,他们给我的教师培训课程,这给我的教学方法,概述学习心理,和实践培训。ÂÂ上课,他们与我分享了一些教学经验的教师,他们的观点对现行的教育体制和趋势,而他们与我的生命哲学共同的其他教师。Â感谢他们的努力,我已经认识到,教学不仅是知识的传递,而且努力分享,影响,或帮助人.


When I came to college and majored in English Literature at University of Dammam in Saudi Arabia, the literature and the linguistic courses helped me a lot in understanding my early language learning experiences. The joy of reading English and writing English Inspired by the strong inner call of self-exploration and the will to help my friends reinforced my already deep love for English language as a whole. It convinced me that I would be willing to make painstaking efforts whatsoever as long as I could keep improving my command of this fascinating language. I am confident that my abilities, competence, and performance rank way above my academic GPA which was low due to family circumstances that I went through during my undergraduate studies. This is evident by receiving a scholarship from the Saudi Arabian government to pursue my graduate studies at your college.After my graduation, I worked with Alamiah institute for computer and technology in Saudi Arabia as an English teacher for two years and eight months .I started working with them from 03/2007 until 11/2009 .The first six months they gave me courses from the teacher training program, which gave me an overview of teaching methodologies, learning psychologies, and practical training.   In class, some teachers shared with me their teaching experiences, their viewpoints towards the current education system and trends, whereas other teachers shared with me their philosophies of life.  Thanks to their efforts, I have come to realize that teaching is not only the delivery of knowledge, but also the effort to share with, to affect, or to help people.



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