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It may be the case that the children for whom these provisions would most benefit are the least likely to be able to attend for various family, medical and financial reasons. Therefore, it could be argued that the government should take further steps to ensure attendance. This could include, for example, chaperoned mini-buses to collect children from their homes and return them when the session has finished.West concludes that family involvement is a major factor in lessening the achievement gap; however she also states the many obstacles that stand in the way of family involvement, especially those from low income families. Parents are often unable to help their children as they were also classed as being low educational achievers, they may work unsociable or long hours and many do not like the fact that their private, family life is, in a way, being invaded. West also suggests that financial and material resources are a significant factor in lessening the achievement gap. It could be argued that west is actually stating the obvious as the whole paper is actually pointing to the fact that poverty is the main cause of educational under achievement with all of the other factors interlinked.


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