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今天美国家庭的方式是完全不同于在过去。似乎有一个缺席的父亲是新常态。在许多家庭中,你看到许多单身母亲独自抚养孩子,大部分时间都在努力维持收支平衡。大多数女人都有政府的帮助来为自己的孩子的时候。有几个消息来源谈到母亲和父亲之间关系的不同情况以及这些关系对孩子的影响。在三篇文章中我选择了,作者有一个共同点。他们确实在谈论缺席父亲对孩子和整个家庭的正面和负面影响。母亲挣扎,孩子因离婚而紧张,或是因为父亲的性取向,害怕社会对孩子和父母的看法。有人说,父亲的缺席是不可原谅的,可怜的女人必须通过他们做了什么或是你有一些妇女很高兴,他们经过斗争,克服它同时像Lynn Olcott提到她作为一个单身妈妈的故事。你也有一些同意彼此的作者说他们不认为单亲父母能一路放弃工作,同时养育一个孩子,而不努力去做。你对单身母亲和父亲缺失或单亲父亲教养的想法是什么?


The way American families are today is totally different from within the past. It seems that having an absent father is the new norm. In many families, you see many single mothers raise their children on their own and struggle to make ends meet most of the time. Most of the time women have to have government assistance in order to provide for their children. There are several sources that talk about the different situations within the relationships of the mother and father and the effects that the relationships have on their children. In the three essays I chose, the authors share a common ground. They really speak on the positive and negative effects that absent fathers can have on not only the child but also the family as a whole. The mother struggles and the child stresses because of divorce or because of the sexuality of the father and fear of what society might think about the child and parent. Some people say that a father being absent is inexcusable and feel sorry for the women to have to go through what they do or did and you have some women who are actually glad that they went through the struggle and overcame it at the same time like Lynn Olcott mentions in her story about being a single mother. You also have some authors that agree with each other saying that they don’t think that single parenting women will be able to give up their jobs all the way and nurture a child at the same time without struggling to do so. What are your thoughts on single mothers and absent fathers or single fathers parenting?



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