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The world has turned to capitalism and competition for resources and fame. Plagiarism has become more alive in this century and it’s a moral and legal matter that is challenging every society. The academic world has been transformed to research and analysis and students excel only after writing essays, papers, thesis and publication making plagiarism a great threat. The new form of plagiarism is not for economic and popularity gain but for academic success and it a vice in all learning institutions. There has been so many ideas presented in all academic fields and with technological advancement plagiarism is easy and appealing today than before. There is no limit to the destruction that plagiarism has done economically, politically, socially, emotionally and often leads to enemity, wars and legal disputes. Today in music and art industry plagiarism is a quick fix to fame and riches. Time as a resource today is more precious than ever and people are willing to take shortcuts and achieve goals within a short time. There is a lot involved in research, organization and tests in order to present work that is credit worthy in all fields of life so there is a trend to take shortcuts. Today there is unwritten policy of publish or perish in universities and so lecturers are likely to redo an old idea thus self -plagiarism. The internet has come of age and information is available all over the web for all disciplines and this is enticing to those who want to plagiarize. There is a demand for innovation, art, music, news and economic benefits are too good attracting the real and fake at the same time.


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