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从企业社会责任在现实商业环境中的两个应用案例可以看出,它们符合《巴黎协定》所设定的目标,包括减少碳排放和减少气候变化的潜在危害。在这两种情况下,参与企业社会责任活动的企业都来自于目前严重依赖化石能源的行业,同时都在通过企业社会责任活动积极改变自己的商业行为。企业披露企业社会责任信息、参与企业社会责任活动的原因是多方面的。人们普遍认为,企业社会责任活动有利于企业的声誉,因为企业社会责任活动的目的是提高企业的公众形象,而消费者的动机是真诚的。然而,如果企业社会责任活动背后的动机不真诚,很可能企业社会责任活动对企业的声誉没有效果(Yoon, et al., 2008)。因此,当一个公司选择公开展示其CSR努力时,也会有超过财务收入的好处,这对于一个公司的长期战略计划来说是非常有价值的。另一方面,企业社会责任的参与也可以促使企业转变经营方式,这也有利于企业的长期生存。在传统化石能源公司的企业社会责任活动中,随着他们更多地转向可再生能源,企业社会责任活动也会给他们一个机会,使他们的业务多样化,而不是只专注于原来的业务。由于传统的化石燃料可能最终会用完,这些公司提前计划并逐渐转移是明智的。


From the two cases of CSR applications in real business environments, it could be observed that they are in line with the targets set in the Paris Agreement, which include cutting carbon emissions and reducing the potential harms from climate change. And in both cases, the companies involved in the CSR activities are from the industries that are heavily relying on fossil energy currently, while both are actively transforming their business practices through CSR activities.There are multiple reasons why companies would want to disclose their CSR information and participating in CSR activities. It is generally agreed that CSR activities would be beneficial for a company’s reputations, as CSR activities are meant to improve a company’s public image when the consumers attribute sincere motives. However, if the motives behind the CSR activities are not sincere, it is likely that the CSR activities may not be effective for a company’s reputation (Yoon, et al., 2008). So, there are also benefits that are beyond financial revenues for a company when it chooses to publicly present its CSR efforts, which would be very valuable in the long-term for a company’s strategic plans.On the other hand, the CSR engagement could also push the companies to transform their business practices, which may also benefit the survival of the company in the long-term as well. In the examples of the CSR activities taken by the traditional fossil energy companies, as they turn more to the renewable energy, the CSR activities would also give them a chance to diversify their business lines, instead of focusing on just their original business. Since the traditional fossil fuels may eventually run out, it is wise for these companies to plan ahead and gradually shift away.



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