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有些人在华盛顿州上空看到过飞碟。“瓦萨”新闻发布会上说,政府“已经找到了一个不明飞行物的残骸”。“(黑暗政府网站1).军方很快收回了这一声明,因为他们不想让公众知道UFO的情况。”军方声称那只是一个气象气球。UFO目击并不一定是外星人,他们是被测试和被人看到的政府飞机。尽管有来自空军的代表否认外星人与51区有任何关系,但这只会让人们想出更疯狂的阴谋论。外星人的存在已经被多次否认了,但人们不会相信,因为他们不信任政府。博尔登还承认51区存在,但他说,美国政府并没有隐瞒那里的外星生命。(Knapton 1)Bolden少校是美国国家航空航天局的负责人,他会知道外星生命是否比任何人都重要。数百页描述了内华达遗址的起源,这是几十年来政府间谍飞机项目的所在地。然而,这些文件并没有提到外星人。51区是政府控制飞机的地区。但他们否认有外星人存在。“退伍军人说,另外,更神奇的是,惊喜!-他们没有讲述外星人或ufo的故事:“(Orac 1)有一些人在51区工作,他们没有提到外星人。


Some people have seen a UFO over Washington State. The wasa press release that stated the government “had recovered the remains of an unidentified flying object.” ( 1). The army retracted the statement very quickly most likely because they didn’t want the public to be informed about the UFO. The army claimed that it was just a weather balloon. UFO sightings aren’t necessarily aliens, they are government aircrafts that are being tested and are seen by people. Even though there have been representatives from the Air Force that have denied that aliens have anything to do with Area 51 that just makes people come up with even crazier conspiracy theories. The existence of aliens are Area 51 have been denied multiple times but people won’t believe it because they don’t trust the government. “Major Bolden also admitted that Area 51 existed, but said the US government was not hiding alien life there.” (Knapton 1) Major Bolden is the head of NASA and he would know if there’s alien life more than anyone else. “Hundreds of pages describe the genesis of the Nevada site that was home to the government’s spy plane program for decades. The documents do not, however, mention aliens.” (Bump 1) Area 51 has been the government’s area to hold their planes. But they deny the fact of there being aliens. “Veterans are talking, and-surprise! Surprise!-they aren’t telling any tales of space aliens or UFOs:” (Orac 1) There are people who have worked at Area 51 and they aren’t mentioning aliens.


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