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与传统教学法相比,任务型教学法要求教师在任务型语言学习中起到关键作用。作为促进者,教师需要注入冒险主义精神在课堂上学生成为主动的学习者,谁愿意承担风险。同样重要的是,教师让学生的时间让陌生的学习方法逐步调整,在过程中必要的鼓励,并建立信心(Curran,deguent,Lund,miletto,& Straeten,2000)。在任务型学习环境的有效教师还应该能够改变任务的水平以适应初学者或低水平学习者的需求,在他们的教室。有效的语文课堂教学策略需要更多的不是一个简单的沟通技能的意义的理解。为了帮助学习者成为积极的交流者,教师应该能够采用教学策略,允许和支持足够的实践,他们所学的语言。任务为基础的教学方法创建一个学习环境,学习者掌握自己的学习和自由探索交际技能,专注于从真实的真实世界的情况下绘制的任务。尽管存在一定的局限性,任务型教学法仍然是语言学习领域的一个有吸引力的方法。该方法可以是特别有用的课堂,涉及成人学习者,因为他们独特的学习特点以及匹配的建构主义元素的任务型学习。随着各种各样的学习选择,如远程学习容易提供给今天的成人学习者,涉及成人学习的教室数量近年来显著增加。虽然没有一个单一的方法适合所有的教室和学习者在所有的情况下,任务型的方法似乎是一个非常可行的选择,特别是对成人语言学习者。在更多的语文课堂从传统的以教师为中心的学习活动,以学生为中心的学习环境中,教师的责任已成为更大的教学设计过程制定适当的策略来引导学生走向成功的学习。


As compared to traditional pedagogy, task-based instructional method demands increased competencies from teachers who will play a key role in making task-centered language learning successful. As a facilitator, teachers need to infuse the spirit of adventurism in the class to turn students into active learners who are willing to take a risk. It is also important that teachers allow learners time to make gradual adjustment to the unfamiliar learning method, provide necessary encouragement in the process, and build confidence (Curran, Deguent, Lund, Miletto, & Straeten, 2000). Effective teachers in the task-based learning environment should also be able to vary the level of tasks to accommodate the needs of beginner or lower level learners in their classrooms.Effective language classroom instruction strategies require more than a simple understanding of the significance of communication skills. To help learners become active communicators, teachers should be able to employ instructional strategies that allow and support sufficient practicing of the language they have learned. Task-based instructional approach creates a learning environment where learners take control of their own learning and freely explore communicative skills focusing on tasks that are drawn from authentic real-world situations. Despite some limitations, task-based approach is still an attractive method in the field of language learning. The approach can be particularly useful in classrooms involving adult learners since their distinctive learning characteristics well match the constructivist elements of the task-based learning. With a wide variety of learning options such as distance learning readily available to today’s adult learners, the number of classrooms involving adult learners has increased significantly in recent years. Although no single method fits all classrooms and learners in all contexts, task-based approach seems to be a highly viable option especially for adult language learners. Amidst more language classrooms moving away from traditional teacher-centered learning activities to student-centered learning environments, the responsibilities of instructors have become even greater in the instructional design process to devise adequate strategies to guide learners towards successful learning.


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