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Grendel represents the evils of the world as a whole, although some may see it as the Satan confronting Jesus in his three trails of faith. According to Greenblatt (2012), “the poem turns on Beowulf’s three great fights against preternatural evil, which inhabits the dangerous and demonic space surrounding human society,” which would be another reference to the Christian allegory reference. (p. 38-39). Grendel is one of three manifestations of evil and the first for Beowulf to face. Grendel’s first attack of evil is on the order of the Danes and wreaking havoc on the people. His evil appears to seek the destruction of the Danish society from the top down, leaving the community without leadership and protection against the evils that may surround them. In this approach, Grendel would be an allegory for the minion demons that cause destruction to order and civil society with wholesome values.While good versus evil is a common theme seen in multiple of folklores prior to Christianity can be seen, the Christianization of the Anglo-Saxon society has influenced the transcriber to relate the story to a boarder Christian audience. According to Stevick (1963), when passages use references to pagan traditions and then mention a Christian reference or lack Christian elements, “into which at one point a Christian explanation is added in anticipation of a subsequent Christianized account of the fight and explanation of its outcome, and because the poet was attempting to produce a major, written poem about Beowulf that avoided inconsistency in Christianized and non-Christian matter with which he was working” (p. 84). The information and facts that point to a transcriber who found in somewhat necessary to conform the Germanic hero tale into something about the Christian society in which the poem may have originated, and something about the society in which the Christian writer lives within. The original tale informs readers that the society that the poem may have been written in valued great acts of courage and strength. It would be a society that relished in the tales of great conquests and hardships as a pastime entertainment.


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