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前英国首相撒切尔夫人,英国开始,回扣。的原因是,英国是英国回扣补偿的贡献是其对共同农业政策。这是因为更大的比欧洲其他成员benefited是英国;英国的农业部门的许多小的部分,其形式的一些信息比其他成员的欧洲联盟的[ 10 ]。
与一项新的欧洲联盟的成员有更大的压力,已与英国公司的回扣。相反的成员的原因是因为英国的回扣是将大株的农业政策以及共同的欧洲联盟的预算[ 11 ]。然而,英国hardly报废的回扣是可能发生的,因为刚性反对这样的建议。这是增强的事实,有否决权,英国在欧盟中的这些问题[ 12 ]。


Former UK Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, initiated UK rebate. The reason for UK rebate was to compensate the UK for its contribution towards Common Agricultural Policy. This was because other European members benefited much more than the UK did; the UK’s farming sector forms a much smaller part of its GDB as compared to some of the other members of the European Union[10].
With the entry of newer members to the European Union, there has been greater pressure to scrap the UK rebate. The reason for members opposing the UK rebate is because there will be greater strain on the Common Agricultural Policy as well as the European Union Budget[11]. However, scrapping of the UK rebate is hardly likely to take place because of the stiff opposition to such a suggestion. Reinforcing this is the fact that the UK has veto power in these matters in the European Union[12].
On both sides of the UK rebate, there are arguments about distortion created. On one hand, it is said that UK rebate distorts UK funding agreements with the European Union. On the other hand, it is argued that there is more distortion caused by the Common Agricultural Policy than the UK rebate. Whatever the arguments are, it is most likely that the UK rebate will not be terminated as long as it has support at home in the UK, even though Tony Blair has agreed to review the UK rebate.


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