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Products are the ways in which students demonstrate their learning. Students at early levels of language proficiency may have understood the content and yet be unable to express their understanding in a written report. Students at this early stage may complete graphic organizers that compares or classifies. They can also construct a chart, diagram or timeline. Others who still make numerous errors in speaking may be uncomfortable giving an oral presentation but can create a poster report that can be shared with the class.It is also important to remember English language learners are also required to participate in standards based, or standardized, tests. Here are some suggestions for testing accommodations for English language learners. Students can be provided with extended time and periodic breaks. They also may be given multiple days to complete the assessment. Students can have the test administered in a separate location with a small group of peers. They can have the directions simplified and have additional arrows or stop signs on the answer form. They can be given directions with highlighted instructions or underlined verbs. English language learners can be provided with oral directions for the assessment and have the directions reread for each page of questions. The students can be provided with an auditory tape of test items and markers to maintain place. English language learners may also have the passages comprehension questions, and multiple choice responses read and reread to them. There can be a tape recorder provided for taping responses. Typewriters and word processers with grammar check can also be used. English language learners can be provided with adults to record answers on paper. Calculators can also be used.


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