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这一部分的治疗过程将评估的主观信息有关的病人,并判断她的情绪和心理需要,必须调整?为了让她恢复到更好的生活。个人喜好和成就也被搁置在[ IB5 ]重点应给予Jaslyn帮助她忘记她是不必要的,是一个合适的生活[ iB6 ]一个人。中立性可以用一个例子说明了反对堕胎的天主教护士可以在堕胎[ ib7 ]并发症治疗病人。道德的认识提供了决策的方式,道德判断的本质。护士将被引导到他/她的忠诚应该放在哪里,什么程序需要照顾比其他人更高的优先级。它[ ib8 ]的发展和病人的理解和他们的生活如何随着护士的生活被引导通过护理过程复杂(Johns,1995)。个人认识是自我的过程中发现的内部自我的护士,这可能是有用的,以保持积极的关系与病人的过程中。这部分的了解池提供了一个清晰的了解如何护士可以涉及到的临床情况,垫导致有效的治疗反应。通过内部感受、焦虑和公正的管理,了解护士的个人认识。这个过程有助于克服任何偏见的护理实践


This part of the treatment process will evaluate the subjective information regarding the patient and judge her emotional and psychological needs that have to be toned? in order for her to recover to a better life. Personal preferences and achievements may have to be set aside on[IB5] the focus should be given on Jaslyn to help her forget that she is not unwanted and is an individual with a proper life[IB6]. The neutrality can be explained by an example that a Catholic nurse against abortion may have to treat a patient with a complication in getting an abortion[IB7]. Ethical knowing provides the way to make decisions where moral judgements are of the essence. The nurse will be guided as to where his/her loyalties should be placed and what procedures demand care at a higher priority than others. It [IB8]develops and understanding of patient’s and how their lives along with the life of the nurse be guided through the intricate process of care (Johns, 1995).

Personal knowing is the experience of self in the process of finding the inner self of the nurse, which may be useful in maintaining a positive relationship with the patient. This part of the knowing pool gives a clear understanding of how a nurse can relate to a clinical situation that mat lead to an effective therapeutic response. Personal knowing is assimilated in the knowledge of the nurse by the management of inner feelings, anxiety and impartiality. This process helps in overcoming any prejudices in the nursing practice


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