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U.S. citizens have almost universal suffrage from the age of 18. The state governments have the utmost impact over most Americans’ day to day lives. The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution warranties their broad-spectrum plenary powers, against the limited spell out powers possessed by the federal government; as a result, they handle the bulk of the issues most pertinent for most individuals within their jurisdiction. The governor is the highest elected official at each state is the governor. There is also an elected state legislature in each state except Nebraska (bicameralism), whose members represent the state voters. The town, city, or county boards are the institutions responsible for local governments. The legislature in each state should stipulate the time manner and places of holding elections for senators and representatives. Iraq has a unicameral legislature The president of the United Sates receives compensation, which may not be increased or decreased during their time in office; for being the president. Qualification for presidency in the United States include; a natural born citizen U. S. A, at least 35 years of age and have resided in the states for 14 years. The representatives must be of an age of 25 or above, and citizens of the land for a minimum of 7 years and an inhabitant of the state they are elected. The senators must be 30years and have been citizens of that states for 9 years and must be inhabitants of the state at the time.


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