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For effective teambuilding efforts it is also important that the team leader should made consistent effort to manage the contributions of different members of the organization. This will automatically serves as a motivation factor within the organization and by providing value feedback the leader within the group could ensure sound motivation and commitment of the different members of the team towards the goals and objective of the team (Jackson et al., 1994). In addition, the effective management of contribution will also ensure that the different members of the team, particularly those who belongs to diverse culture are well understood and the team culture are shaped in such a manner that it has minimum dysfunctional clashes with the different members of the team (Alvesson & Willmott, 2003).

Essentially the writer of this paper believe that the remarkable development that the world has been experiencing during the recent past could be attributed to the fact that most of the rapidly growing organizations are now performing their routine tasks on the basis of team (Johnson, 1999). Teams are recognized as a positive factor that in most of the situation leads towards better results in terms of innovation and creativity and most of the star products that rolling over the shelves of supermarkets these days could be attributed to the team efforts. This is because team results in positive synergy where members of the team are in position to bounce ideas off one another and balance the weaknesses of other members of the group (George & Jones, 2005). The writer of this paper believe that this factor could be regarded as the most significant factor due to the fact that in most of the organization’s settings usually pears working in organization usually try their level best to surface their peer or other members of the organization. However, in case of teams, the situations are usually the different members of the team help each other and this essentially contributes to the creativity and innovativeness efforts within a team (Mullins, 2005).


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