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Educations have always been associated with learning at school at one point of time is vibrant with turmoil of genius and the cause behind this is that these are overloaded with static and sluggish ideas. The education with stagnant thoughts is useless and not only this but above all these are harmful. Education is not only bookish and learning subjects but education is religious education as well. It instills duty and responsibility in an individual. These come from within a sense of obligation in a person towards society and other people around him.But we cannot deny the fact that schooling is important as well. The schools provide education to the children so that in future they can be successful in their life and grow as a better citizen. Another point that is being put forward is that there should be a social interaction between students and teachers so that they form a better relation and the students get to learn new things from their teachers. Basically the aim of the education according to this article is that education should be such that it can transform and emancipate an individual and can be easily adjusted in the present social structure. From past times and even in the current times have been to provide a person or individual who is merely well informed about his surrounding is considered to be of no use in present times.


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