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Alfieri扮演的第一个角色是旁白,这是在戏剧的开头。“你可能不知道,但刚刚发生了一件有趣的事。”你看他们向我点头有多不自在?“Alfieri用‘你’这个词来吸引观众,让他们有参与感。”同时,作为叙述者,他强调了某些场景和行为的重要性,就像在马可和罗道夫到达之后,阿尔菲利开始再次说话说“埃迪·卡本从没想过会有这样的命运”暗示着因为比阿特丽斯的表兄弟们来了,有些事情会改变。Alfieri还提到“我们满足于一半”,并在Eddie死后的第一次演讲和最后一次演讲中使用重复,他说“最好满足于一半,必须如此。”“通过使用‘我们’这个词,Alfieri再次让观众参与进来,让他们觉得他们应该接受埃迪一半的薪水,因此为观众提供道德指引。”此外,阿尔菲利说“必须这样”,并使用了祈愿语,试图说服观众,甚至是他自己,欣赏你所拥有的一定比像艾迪那样死去要好。当Alfieri在叙述戏剧时,Arthur Miller使用戏剧手法,例如使用舞台灯光聚焦Alfieri,让观众知道他在说什么非常重要。剧名“A View from A Bridge”有很多不同的含义,因为它可以被看作是Alfieri的“View from The Bridge”,因为Alfieri是那个叙述事件和讲述他对事件展开看法的人。此外,剧名也是名副其实的戏剧,它以布鲁克林大桥为背景,讲述了这个地区周围的社区以及阿尔菲里作为叙述者讲述的故事。桥也可以比喻Alfieri对正义的看法之间的差异和埃迪的不同意见,也可以把Alfieri的观点,我们应该接受一半的,要做到这一点,你可能需要妥协和满足在中间,像中间的桥。关于标题的另一种解释是“桥”就像连接布鲁克林Eddie社区和Marco以及意大利Rodolpho社区的一座桥,他们都需要通过这座桥来了解彼此的生活方式。


The first role Alfieri takes on is as a narrator, which is at the start of the play. “You wouldn’t have known it, but something amusing has just happened. You see how uneasily they nod to me?” Alfieri uses the word ‘you’ to include the audience and to make them feel involved. Also, as the narrator he highlights the importance of certain scenes and actions, as after the scene when Marco and Rodolpho arrive, Alfieri starts to talk again saying “Eddie Carbone had never expected to have a destiny” implying that because Beatrice’s cousins have come to stay, something will change. Alfieri also mentions that “we settle for half” and uses repetition as in the first speech and the very last speech after Eddie has died he says that “it is better to settle for half, it must be.” By using the word ‘we’ Alfieri is again involving the audience and making them think that they should settle for half as well as Eddie, and is therefore offering moral guidance to the audience. Furthermore by saying “it must be” better to settle for half, and using an imperative, Alfieri is trying to convince the audience and even himself that appreciating what you’ve got must be better than dying like Eddie did. When Alfieri is narrating the play, Arthur Miller uses dramatic devices for example using stage lights to focus on Alfieri, so the audience know what he is saying is very important.The title of the play ‘A View from a Bridge’ has many different meanings, as it could be seen as Alfieri’s ‘view from the bridge,’ as he is the one narrating the events and telling his view on the events that unfold. Furthermore the title is literally the play, which is set in Brooklyn Bridge and is about the community around the area and the actions that happen which Alfieri tells as a narrator. Also the bridge could be a metaphor for the differences between Alfieri’s view on justice and Eddie’s differing opinions and can also incorporate Alfieri’s view that we should ‘settle for half’ as to do this you may need to compromise and meet in the middle, like the middle of the bridge. Another interpretation on the title is that the ‘bridge’ is like a bridge between Eddie’s community in Brooklyn and Marco and Rodolpho’s community in Italy and they both have to understand each other’s way of life by using this bridge to help them.


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