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礼物主要是关于正在处理的关系,关于参与这些交易的人,而不是仪式上的给予和接受的东西(承运人1995:19)。写一篇文章,评估可转让和不可转让商品在强调交换交易的重要性方面的作用。为了让我们深入了解送礼的概念以及在这种礼仪性交易中所涉及的关系,我们必须首先看看参与交易的人。我们不仅要关注人,而且要关注人与现实对象本身的联系。承运人在他的文章中陈述;“礼物和商品”“显然,我们与物品的关系远不止纯粹的效用”(Carrier, 1995)。从而向我们证明我们与物质物体的关系比我们最初想象的要亲密得多。这个键是足够深,我们甚至需要实物来定义我们是谁有时,例如如果一个朋克摇滚歌手自称是一个朋克摇滚歌手他必须衣服根据朋克摇滚的社会形象,从那里我们可以假设人的身份和性格作为一个朋克摇滚歌手。Carrier说他自己“推论是,对象代表身份,因此构成了那些拥有这些对象的人对身份群体成员资格的要求”(Carrier, 1995)。2)另一个与人与物的关系以及与赠送礼物的仪式行为有关的主要概念是互惠。它向我们展示并定义了人与物质之间的联系的强度。


The gift is primarily about the relationships being transacted, about the people involved in these transactions rather than the ceremonial giving and receiving of things (Carrier 1995: 19). Write an essay evaluating the role of alienable and inalienable goods in underscoring the importance of exchange transactions.In order for us to take an in depth look at the idea of gift giving and the relationships involved in such a ceremonial transaction we must first look at the people that are involved in the transaction. Not only must we look that the people but we must also focus on the affiliation between people and the actual object itself. Carrier himself states in his essay; “Gifts and Commodities” that “Clearly there is much more in our relationship to objects than sheer utility” (Carrier, 1995. 1), and thus proving to us that there we have a much more intimate relationship with material objects than we first imagined. This bond is deep enough that we even need material objects to define who we are sometimes, for example if a punk rocker claims to be a punk rocker he must dress according to the social image of a punk rocker and from there we can assume that person’s identity and personality as a punk rocker. Carrier says himself that “The corollary is that objects signify status identity and so constitute a claim to status-group membership on the part of those who have them” (Carrier, 1995. 2). Another major concept that is involved with both the relationship between humans and material objects and with the ceremonial act of gift giving is reciprocity. It shows us and defines to us the strength of the bond between people and material objects.


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