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Some parents have different opinions from school. They are opposed to the banning. They think that owning a mobile phone keeps children safer as they could know where their children are through calls, texts as well as communicating and Global Position System (GPS) applications and be sure if their children are safe. Also, in an emergency, children can call for a help quickly and easily. Indeed, owning a smartphone does not keep children safe but put them into an unsafe situation as they are carrying an expensive fashionable device which makes them a target of criminals. About millions of people are robbed of cell phone every year while some of the cases involved violence. Furthermore, many children spend so much time talking on the phone, texting with friends or playing games, and thus do not aware what is going on around them. It is supposed that children cause car accidents every year because their attention was on their phone activities but not the traffic while crossing the street. Indeed, this situation should not occur as it is supposed that children below 16 are always accompanied with adults. The law in Hong Kong has ruled that parent should not leave their children alone as this action may leads to injury to the child. Besides, parents and may have to face criminal liability arising from negligence in care. [1] (Press Releases, 2012) Parents can check the children’s situation by calling to the carer to secure their child’s safety when they are not accompanying them. Thus, it is unnecessary for children to own a smartphone.


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