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Acid rain also affects some buildings and bridges and speeds up the deterioration of them, including limestone statues and some metals including bronze, copper, zinc and nickel. This can be dangerous as these bridges may be destroyed which could, in some cases, destroy some lives. The decline of these buildings, statues and bridges can cost the government a massive amount in maintenance and repair costs.Pollution is a negative externality in consumption. This means that a third party will suffer due to the products of the economic transaction. In this case, the producer (a car manufacturer) would sell the car to a consumer and when the consumer would use the car it would emit many poisonous gases from the exhaust pipes into the atmosphere. A third party (a person walking down the street) would inhale the polluted air affecting them in a negative way. The indirect costs include decreased quality of life, say in the case of a home owner near a smokestack and higher health care costs to treat things such as asthma or lung cancer.Government intervention that could be implemented is charging diesel vehicles to enter Manchester. This would make people consider whether it is worth using their car to enter Manchester as it would cost more, meaning they would have less money to spend on maximising their consumer welfare. With less people using diesel vehicles to enter Manchester, the amount of pollution created from said cars would also decrease therefore affecting less people balancing out the negative externality caused.


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