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The peace opportunities hidden in the curriculum are maximized when the school atmosphere is inspired with the values and attitudes of peace. Teacher-student interactions, lesson designs in textbooks, the pedagogic approach and the total life of school must all be oriented towards peace. The pedagogic strategy for education for peace is that of integration. The integrated approach has an edge over the “separate subject approach”. Constructivist psychology has established that children construct knowledge holistically. When knowledge is rooted in suitable contexts, it becomes more meaningful and enjoyable for the learner. In the integrated approach, the lessons and topics become the vehicles to convey peace messages in meaningful contexts. This approach not only makes the subject matter wholesome and situated but also motivates students to learn and to relate what they learn to their own settings. It provides contexts and connections to explore, think, reflect, and internalize positive dispositions. Thus, every teacher becomes a peace educator. Teacher-student interactions, textbook lessons and the pedagogy for teaching them, and the school management and administrative staff must all be oriented to education for peace.


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