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Valentino’s research is not limited by the seven motives definition, it goes deeper. It does, nevertheless, point out that profound and deep reasons such as vengeance or simply terror, can also stir up cases of genocide/mass killing, especially when a current government is absent or does not have the real power. I have mentioned this because Valentino’s proofs can sometimes seem abundantly positive in effort to describe policies that forecast and avert genocide/mass killing. I understand that author tries to consider genocide not as something scheduled, but rather as the thoroughly chosen tools to reach goals that are desired for the state or certain group. Surely Valentino’s work is based on the investigation of others. Though his sources belong to scientific ones and his work is fully footnoted, his conclusions are based on impressive mixture of investigations that were carried out during the past half century, but not on any original reviews, original works, or other investigation programs. For instance in chapter three he considers some rather intuitional causes that make genocide/mass killing more likely, including: “the higher the priority that communist leaders assign to the radical transformation of society”; “the more rapidly ethnic cleansing is carried out”; and “the greater the physical capabilities for mass killing possessed by the perpetrators” (Valentino). Similar example can be referred to the author’s believe “the Holocaust was unique because each of the millions of lives it extinguished was unique, never to lived again “(Valentino). I cannot agree with this statement because every person in our world is unique. And one will not become unique only for the reason of being killed during the Holocaust. According to Nazi world view the Jews belonged to the lowest group of the human rung hierarchy. Actually the Hitler’s ideology regarding conceived of Jewish people was carried through the ages. Fascists were afraid of their Aryan blood being contaminated.


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