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沟通在一个教室的整体发展是很重要的学生和他们的学习。信息的传输,为两个或两个以上的人创造意义的过程,它可以通过各种不同的媒介包括面对面进行,在团体,通过电话等(2012年里根Morrissey)。20 +的教室内学生,沟通是关键,教师必须能够沟通情感地类作为一个整体,每个学生作为个体。为了让教师保持类的注意,他们必须具备课堂管理技能和有能力使用非言语交际(Kyriacou 1997)。非语言交流直接影响教师与学生的关系,所以这对他们来说是很重要的要注意的概念如何以专业的方式是一个有效的沟通者。Tubbs &莫斯(2008)确认非语言沟通可以有意的或无意的。作为一名教育工作者,我可以实现非语言线索都在我的教室环境中积极和消极的方面。例如,眼神交流,我可以定期扫描教室,监督学生的行为,也确保他们都感觉中互动,因此保持他们的任务。相反可能发生如果我滚我的眼睛在一个学生的反应,解雇他们的尝试,因此导致学生成为脱离教训。重要的是,我了解我的学生和学习了解它们是如何影响不同的情况。通过练习,我将学会留意学生非言语线索作为他们的潜意识行为往往强调他们当时的感受,或者是不舒服,尴尬。学生可能太害羞说出来,让老师知道他们是什么感觉。这是支持完成米勒(2005)研究发现,非语言信号也可以用来表达感情,否则太令人不安的状态。在体育类,我必须清楚的学生讨厌表演在同龄人面前示威,他们可能变得非常害羞和脸红,因此强调无意的非语言交流和undesire参与这样的活动。


Communication within a classroom is important in the overall development of students and their learning. It is the transfer of information and process of creating meaning for two or more people, it can be carried out through various different mediums including face to face, in groups, over the phone etc. (Regan Morrissey 2012). Within a classroom of twenty plus students, communication is key, the teacher must be able to communicate affectively to the class as a whole and also to each of the students as individuals. In order for the teacher to retain the classes’ attention, they must possess classroom management skills and have the ability to use non verbal communication (Kyriacou 1997). Non-verbal communication directly affects a teacher’s relationship with their students therefore it is very important for them to be aware of the concept of how they can remain an effective communicator in a professional manner. Tubbs & Moss (2008) affirmed that non-verbal communication can be intentional or unintentional. As an educator, I can implement non-verbal cues in both positive and negative ways in my classroom environment. For example, with eye contact, I can scan the classroom on a regular basis, supervising the student’s behaviour but also insuring they all feel included in the interaction, hence keeping them on task. The opposite can occur if I roll my eyes at a student’s response, dismissing their attempts, hence leading to the student becoming disengaged from the lesson. It is important that I get to know my students and learn to understand how they are affected by different situations. With practice, I will learn to keep an eye out for students non verbal cues as their subconscious actions often highlight what they are actually feeling at that time, be it uncomfortable, embarrassed or otherwise. Students may be too shy to speak out and let the teacher know what they are feeling. this is backed up by research completed by Miller (2005) who found that nonverbal signals can also be used to express feelings that are too disturbing to state otherwise. In my PE classes, I must be aware of the students who hate performing demonstrations in front of their peers, they may become very self-conscious and blush, hence highlighting their unintentional non-verbal communication and their undesire to partake in such an activity.


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