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尽管格瓦拉的马克思主义和经济意识形态是系统而细致的,但他在管理古巴经济方面却失败了,因为他监督了糖生产的几近崩溃,工业化的失败,以及实行配给制度。从更广泛的意义上说,一些评论家,如che – mart(作者不详),通过在格瓦拉和他的支持者的宣传中推销他们对格瓦拉(Guevara)的不喜欢,比如,在他们认为是讽刺的东西上,对格瓦拉进行了诽谤。具有讽刺意味的是,格瓦拉是一个积极进取的共产主义者,在他生命的最后几年作为一个革命者,为了在整个拉丁美洲废除美国的资本主义,但现在是资本主义最火热的销售形象之一。Che- mart.com的创始人写道:“格瓦拉多年来一直在推销自己的品牌,并将其推销给市场上的特定利基市场:那些不知道切尔已经做过什么或他代表什么的年轻人。”随着世界上大多数的大学宿舍都用他的脸装饰,现金继续流动。这一评论根除了格瓦拉最初的宗旨和理想,一个没有资本主义的世界。与此同时,格瓦拉在经济环境中所留下的遗产是具有讽刺意味的,因为多年来他一直在与之抗争,使得市场寡头能够利用他那众所周知的形象去实现企业家最喜欢的东西:有效市场资本主义的巨大利润空间。


Although Guevara’s Marxist and economic ideologies were systematic and meticulous, he failed at managing the Cuban economy, as he oversaw the near-collapse of sugar production, the failure of industrialisation, and the introduction of rationing. In a broader sense, some critics, such as Che-Mart (author unknown), have merchandised their dislike of Guevara by marketing burlesque T-shirts at both Guevara and his supporters, casting aspersions, for example, on what they perceive as an irony. The irony can be evidenced in that Guevara was a motivated communist who lived the last years of his life as a revolutionary figure, in order to abolish American capitalism throughout Latin America, but is now one of capitalism’s hottest selling images. The creator of has written, “Che has marketed his brand name brilliantly over the years, selling to specific niche in the market: young people who have no clue what Che has done or what he stands for. The cash continues to flow as most college dorms world-wide are being adorned with his face”. This comment eradicates Guevara’s initial purpose and ideals of a world free of capitalism. Herewith, Guevara’s legacy in an economic context is an ironic one, as what he fought against for so many years has allowed market oligopolies to take advantage and use his well-known visage to achieve what entrepreneurs love most: large profit margins from effective market capitalism.


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