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Theories of learning provide insight into the mechanisms of learning at the intersection of the student or learner, the teacher/mentor/facilitator, and the specific learning that is embedded within an educational or institutional context. These contexts may be a classroom or a community of practice, and occur within virtual space or within the mind’s eye.Learning and education within various perspectives strive for greater understanding of the circumstances that promote successful learning within contexts of meaning and engagement for learners. From my perspective, there are three further elements residing on another axis that merit careful consideration, namely intrinsic motivation, transfer, and discernment.I would offer that when learning is bound to a meaningful context, preferably one that is informed by or builds on prior experience, that experience tends to be more intrinsically motivating for learners. Intrinsic interest and meaningful engagement appears to predict deeper learning and evidence of greater breadth and depth of understanding. The deep learning that accompanies greater understanding may predict greater ability in areas related to discernment and skill mastery; ongoing consolidation of knowledge may allow a learner to respond more deliberately and purposefully when presented with new information, problem-solving types of tasks, or novel circumstances. It is my belief that models such as these would promote adaptation, resilience, and creativity, and self-regulation; all qualities that would allow a learner to profit from a greater range of learning experiences


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