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第一个技术学校和第一个幼儿园成立。这清楚地表明,自1950年以来,科威特的教育设施迅速加速。在技术学院,第一年有80名学生入学,随着对更多研究领域的需求的增加,课程数量逐渐增加。在1956年,新设立的盲人教育机构在招生记录中总共有36名学生,这使得教育发展的步伐继续加快。这还远远不够,从1973年起,大约有1644名学生被认定需要特殊的教育设施。其中一些学生包括盲人、聋人和其他残疾人。所有这些特殊的学生都进入了11所专门为他们设计的学校,这些学校是作为其他普通的学生而专门为他们设计的。1963年,成人教育正式开始;这是现有的针对女性的类似项目的一个结果,尽管它处于休眠状态(Meleis et al,1979)。这个系统连续招收了大约45,000名学生,其中18,000名是女生。1962年,科威特教育部正式成立为教育部。在过去的几十年里,教育部全面负责监督和管理教育维护和发展的各个方向。


the first technical school and the first kindergarten were established. This clearly shows th rapid acceleration of education facilities in Kuwait since the year 1950’s. In the technical college, the first year saw accommodation of 80 students who were enrolled and an increase in number courses which were gradually introduced as demand for more fields of study heightened. The educational developments continued pacing up as a new institution for the blind was inaugurated in the year 1956 with a total of 36 pupils in enrollment records. This was not enough since by the year 1973, there were approximately 1,644 students who were identified to be in need of special facilities for education. Some of these students include the blind, the deaf, and other handicapped ones. All these special students were enrolled in 11 institutions which were specially designed for them in acquiring education as other normal students. Adult education for women officially came underway in the year 1963; this was a result of the existing similar programs for women though dormant(Meleis et al ,1979). This system saw continuous enrollment of approximately 45,000 students of which 18,000 were girls. The education department of Kuwait was then officially inaugurated as the Education Ministry in the year 1962. This establishment gave the education ministry full mandate to oversee and manage all directions in education maintenance and development over the decades.


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