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现在我也在接近我生命中的另一个分水岭——学习更高更深入的计算机科学领域,进入AI或生物信息学等领域的研究。在phd项目中,我将有足够的空间将我的想法和想法通过应用到实际问题中转化为现实。如果我成功了,这会建立我的自信。否则,如果我在一个特定的应用程序中失败,我将获得找到原因并在下一步修改它的范围。事实上,我很期待在我的博士生涯中有一个深入而富有挑战性的实践经验。攻读博士学位也会让我有机会参加有关我所选择领域的会议和研讨会,我可以听取该领域专家的意见,并与他们进行交流。这肯定会使我丰富自己的知识,并随时了解最新的发展。另外,我相信phd项目可以帮助我提高独立思考和分析问题的能力。这对于我下一个职业生涯的发展是非常重要的,当我想要解决自己的问题,建立自己的团队的时候。我相信,做博士在加州大学圣芭芭拉将使我更深的区域选择主题,将提供更优化的环境扩大我的知识主体通过与我的上司和其他教师协会和交互专家部门。我选择加州大学圣巴巴拉分校有三个原因。首先,这所大学提供了一个很棒的生物信息学和人工智能博士项目;第二,它拥有一个广受赞誉的紧密合作的实验室网络,这些实验室从事许多受资助的生物信息学和人工智能研究。就我个人而言,我对主动逻辑、元认知计算、简单的层次有序规划和DNA序列分析等领域的研究很感兴趣,所有这些在加州大学圣巴巴拉分校都有类似的研究。第三,最重要的是,教授喜欢Ambuj辛格博士,博士Tobias叫喊,泰伦斯·史密斯博士和马修博士土耳其一直热情地在生物信息学和人工智能领域的工作也影响了我很多。这些因素的存在导致加州大学圣芭芭拉是我的首选。如果我在加州大学圣巴巴拉分校(University of California, Santa Barbara)攻读博士学位,我将有机会与他们交流,谁知道呢,甚至还有机会与他们一起研究一个开创性的想法。


Now I am also closing in on a yet another watershed decision in my life – of studying higher and deeper into the area of computer science and get into research in fields like AI, or Bioinformatics. Under the Ph.D. program I will get enough scope to translate my thinking and ideas to reality by application to the real problem. This will build up my self-confidence if I am successful. Otherwise, if I fail in a particular application I will get scope to find the reasons and modify it in the next step. Actually, I’m looking forward to an in-depth and challenging hands-on experience in my Ph.D. career. Being on a Ph.D. program will also provide me the opportunity to attend conferences and symposium on my chosen area and I will be able to listen to the experts in the area as well as have interactions with them. This will certainly enable me to enrich my knowledge and keep myself updated on the recent developments. Moreover, I believe that the Ph.D. program will help me to enhance my independent thinking and analysis of a problem. This will be of much importance to me in the next career step, when I aspire to take up my own problem and build up own group.I believe, doing my Ph.D. in University of California, Santa Barbara will expose me to a deeper area of my chosen topic and will provide me a much optimized environment to expand my knowledge on the subject through associations and interactions with my supervisor and other faculty experts in the department. My reasons of choosing University of California, Santa Barbara are three. First, this university offers a wonderful Ph.D. program in Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence; two, it has an acclaimed network of closely working labs that engage in lots of sponsored research Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence. On my own, I am interested in doing something in areas like Active Logic, Metacognitive Computation, Simple Hierarchical Ordered Planning, and Sequence Analysis of DNA and all of these are very much there in University of California, Santa Barbara in some variant or other. And third, most importantly, presence of professors like Dr. Ambuj Singh, Dr. Tobias Hollerer, Dr. Terrence Smith, and Dr. Matthew Turk who have been passionately working in the field of Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence also influenced me a lot. The presence of these factors led to University of California, Santa Barbara being my preferred choice. If I do my Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara, I will have the opportunity of interacting with them, and who knows, of even working with them on a path breaking idea.


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