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The last intelligence that I fell under was the Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, also referred to as the physical style. I like to use my body and sense of touch to learn about the world around me. I really like physical activities such as gardening and yard work, hiking, and walking. I am able to clear my mind and think things out while I am engaging in these types of activities. I am sensitive to the physical world and I love to appreciate textures of materials. I also use my hands and body gestures when I communicate with others. When I was younger, I took dance classes and really enjoyed them.This self-analysis of multiple intelligences has made me understand myself more. I believe that it has made me realize the best methods for me to learn and understand things. This will help me develop my skills more in my educational and professional life.Another intelligence that I fell under was the Intrapersonal Intelligence, also referred to as the solitary style. I can see where I fall into this style as well. I am a private, introspective, and independent person at times. I concentrate well, and focus on my thoughts and feelings about the current topic. I am very aware of my own thinking, and have a tendency to analyze the different ways that I think and feel. I spend a great deal of time doing self-analysis and sometimes I will reflect on past events and the way I approached them. I also take time to reflect upon my accomplishments and/ or challenges.


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