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Mangers require four main kinds of skills, namely: technical, human, and theoretical and design. What does each of these skills mean? Technical skill is knowledge of and skill in activities involving methods, processes, and procedures. Thus, it involves working with tools and specific techniques. Human skill is the ability to work with people; it is cooperative effort, is cooperation, it is the creation of an environment in which people feel secure and free to convey their opinions.

For purposes of explanation, technical skills are of greatest importance at the supervisory level and less at the middle-management level, human skills in the frequent interactions with subordinates at all levels, theoretical skills not critical for lower-level supervisors but gain in importance at the middle-management level. At the top management level, conceptual and design abilities and human skills are especially valuable, but there is relatively little need for technical abilities. The assumption, especially in large companies, those chief executives can utilize the technical abilities of their subordinates. In smaller firms, however, technical experience may still be quite important.


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