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但是,尽管有如此重要的因素,内向性在比赛中仍然处于劣势,集体头脑风暴是社会的思潮。Susan Cain还指出,这种情况在“新集体”起来:“孤独是过时的。我们大多数人现在都是在团队中工作,在没有围墙的办公室里工作,因为管理者最看重的是人的技能。孤独的天才们。合作是“问题是为什么?”为什么集体头脑风暴获得如此多的信任,但内向不会?原因是社会现在把团体工作看作是人们学会与他人合作的一种好方法,使他们在与他人共事时感到更舒服,而且,做出的决定比个人做出的决定要好。然而,各种研究实际上与此相反。研究表明,那些没有私人工作空间的办公室实际上让他们感到不安、心烦意乱和缺乏安全感。由于人们看他们做的每一件事,他们也更容易承受压力和疲劳。研究还表明,在容易分心的环境中工作的人会犯50%个以上的错误,而且要花两倍的时间才能完成。由于这些原因,内向性在团队工作中显示出优越的一面。但是,对于社会来说,要实现内向的学分,可能需要相当长的时间,在一个不断前进和发展的社会中,内向性对实现这一目标起着重要的作用。但是现在,随着团队工作的增加,内向性逐渐被排除在外。如果一天内向已完全消失,不仅会限制社会中的创造力,而且我们的年轻人可能永远也不会知道内向对他们的创造力有多大帮助。没有年轻一代的创造力,未来就不会光明。


But, despite having such important factors, introversion still fall short in the race with group brainstorming of being the thinking trend of the society. Susan Cain also states this situation in “Rise of the New Groupthink”: “Solitude is out of fashion. Most of us now work in teams, in offices without walls, for managers who prize people skills above all. Lone geniuses are out. Collaboration is in.” The question is why? Why group brainstorming got so much credit but introversion won’t? The reasons are that society now sees group working as a good way for people to learn how to work with others, make them feel more comfortable when working with other people, and furthermore, make better decision than the decision that an individual makes. However, various studies actually go against this statement. Studies show that offices with no private work space for workers actually make them uncomfortable, distracted and insecure. They’re also easier to suffer from stress and exhaustion due to people watching everything they do. The studies also show that people who works in easy distracted environment make 50 percent more mistakes and take twice as long to finish it. For those reasons, introversion shows its superior sides over group working. But, for the society to realizes and give more credits for introversion, might take quite a long time.Through the course of a society that keeps advancing and developing, introversion plays a big role in making all of it comes true. But now, as group working increases, introversion is gradually being left out. If one day introversion is completely gone, there will not only limited the rate of creativeness within the society, but also our youth might never know how helpful introversion is to their creativity. And without the young generation’s creativity, the future ahead will not be bright.


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