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本研究旨在探讨马来西亚科学课程。通过这样做,它将有助于我们有一个清晰的图片如何课程的功能,同时,它使我们能够衡量成功的课程。许多教师在科学教育中的教师和学生面临的现状问题表达了自己的不满,而非通常的课程无效。这是一个令人担忧的问题,因为它可能会影响那些对科学学科感兴趣的学生的数量,如果这种情况发生的话,马来西亚将从它的努力中努力实现愿景2020。 马来西亚科学课程和斯坦纳科学课程的比较研究,在实现我们的梦想,生产人类谁知道自己的能力和自我潜能是至关重要的。这是Steiner Waldorf课程中强调的核心价值,目的是为学习者提供有意义的学习,使他们成为深度学习者。鼓励学生们产生创造性的想法,间接地培养学生成为批判的思考者。因此,这是非常重要的研究人员找出在哪些方面,马来西亚的科学课程,可以提高通过适应教育。希望,比较研究的结果将有助于改善马来西亚学校的科学教育。


This research aims to look at the Malaysian science curriculum. By doing this, it will help us to have a clear picture of how a curriculum functions and at the same time, it allows us to measure the success of the curriculum. Many teachers have expressed their discontentment over current problems faced by the teachers and students in science education, and the blame is usually on the ineffectiveness of the curriculum. This is an alarming problem as it could affect the number of students who are interested in science subjects and if this happens, Malaysia will actually sway from its efforts to achieve Vision 2020 This comparative study of the Malaysian science curriculum and the Steiner science curriculum is crucial in realizing our dreams of producing human beings who know their ability and self-potential. This is the core value stressed in the Steiner Waldorf’s curriculum which aims to provide learners with meaningful learning and turn them into deep learner. Steiner Waldorf students are encouraged to generate creative ideas and this indirectly nurtures the students to be critical thinkers. Therefore it is very crucial for the researcher to find out in what aspects that the Malaysian science curriculum can be improved by adapting the Steiner Waldorf education. Hopefully, the findings of the comparative research will help to improve science education in Malaysian schools.


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