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作为读者进入此诗的世界,他们是在中世纪提供一瞥的社会冲突。这种冲突是通过一个异教徒社会的宗教观点来表达的,它适应了一个新的宗教,提到了一个神,而这些神通常是盎格鲁撒克逊人之前的文化。当贝奥武夫被认为是一个基督教的故事,强烈的寓言可能在贝奥武夫和Grendel的角色。贝奥武夫,伟大的战士,是基督教信仰的Jesus参考。Jesus曾前往以色列为拯救他们脱离罪恶的道路,贝奥武夫是丹麦人”来执行你的人想要或尝试毁灭至极,在恶魔的魔掌”(格林布拉特,2012,p. 54,线634-636)。虽然Jesus的形象被广泛认为是一个谦虚的人,贝奥武夫似乎对他的功绩夸耀。两个人之间的共性是明确引用基督教信仰的时候。Jesus和Beowulf都战胜邪恶,被确定为正常人类喜欢太大。每个人都愿意牺牲自己的生命去拯救那些他们认为值得行动的人。每个人都面临着一场战争的痕迹,而不寻求上帝的指引,而是把他们的信仰放在上帝给他们的保护和安全上。最有趣的是在故事的参考Jesus的缺乏。据布莱克本(1897),贝奥武夫被视为在诗的基督教救世主的代表,尽管贝奥武夫没有引用他,“十字架,圣母或圣徒,任何教义教会关于三位一体,赎罪,等,或圣经,预言,或者奇迹”


As readers enter the world of Beowulf, they are giving a glimpse of the social conflict during the Middle Ages. This conflict in expressed through the religious views of a pagan society adapting to a new religion with the mention of One God versus the several Deities normally followed in pre-Anglo-Saxon culture. When Beowulf is considered a Christian story, the strong allegories may be found within the characters of Beowulf and Grendel. Beowulf, the Geat warrior, could be a reference to Jesus in the Christian faith. Jesus had traveled to Israel to save them from their sinful ways, Beowulf comes to the Danes “to perform to the uttermost what your people wanted or perish in the attempt, in the fiend’s clutches” (Greenblatt, 2012, p. 54, line 634-636). Although the image of Jesus is widely known as a humble man, Beowulf appears to be boastful about his feats. The commonality between the two individuals is clear when referencing the Christian faith.Jesus and Beowulf both fight an evil that is determined too great for the likes of normal humanity. Each are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to being salvation to people whom they feel are worthy of the action. Each are faced with a trail of the battle without seeking guidance from God, but rather put their faith in the protection and safety that God has shown them. The most interesting is the lack of reference to Jesus within the tale. According to Blackburn (1897), Beowulf is seen as a representation to the Christian Savior within the poem, even though Beowulf contains no references to him, “to the cross, to the virgin or the saints, to any doctrine of the church in regard to the trinity, the atonement, etc., or to the scriptures, to prophecy, or to the miracles”


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