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在分析了加德纳的多元智能并给自己打分后,我意识到我使用了多种多样的智能,在5个不同的领域都是相当的平等。这些领域包括空间智能、音乐智能、人际智能、个人智力和身体运动智能。我将用我的成绩来分析我自己以及我如何适应我喜欢的学习方式。我从空间智能开始,也被称为视觉风格(McKenzie, 1999)。我在一家家乐氏工厂的人力资源部工作。我实际上是实习生,这意味着我在那里学习和执行人力资源管理的工作。当被分配到新的项目时,我更喜欢使用图片、图片、颜色和地图来组织信息。我倾向于从视觉上学习更多,然后从口头指示中学习。我也喜欢用视觉的方法来和别人交流。我很擅长为员工创建ppt演示文稿,并且经常需要这样做。我经常在脑海中想象计划、目标和结果。我也有很好的空间感,我觉得这给了我方向感。我使用的另一种视觉风格是地图。几年前,我刚搬到我住的地方,但我很容易就能找到使用地图的方法,而且我很少迷路。这些类型的行为将我归入空间智力范畴。


After analyzing Gardner’s multiple intelligences and scoring myself, I realized that I use a variety of Multiple Intelligences and am quite equal in 5 different areas. Those areas are the Spatial Intelligence, The Music Intelligence, The Interpersonal intelligence, the Intrapersonal Intelligence, and the Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. I will use my results to analyze myself and how I fit into my preferred learning styles. I am starting with the spatial intelligence, also referred to as the visual style (McKenzie, 1999). I work in the Human Resources department of a Kellogg’s plant. I am actually the intern, which means that I am there to learn and perform the Human Resources Management position. When being assigned to new projects, I prefer using images, pictures, colors, and maps to organize information. I tend to learn more from visuals then I do from verbal instructions. I also prefer to use the visual methods for communicating with others. I am great at creating PowerPoint presentations for the employees and am required to do it often. I often visualize plans, objects, and outcomes in my mind. I also have a very good spatial sense, which I feel gives me a good sense of direction. Another visual style I use is maps. I just moved to the area I live in now a couple of years ago but I can easily find my way around using maps, and I rarely get lost.  these types of behaviors classify me to fall under the Spatial Intelligence category.


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