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在经济上,全球化将分配劳动国际和“整合国家经济通过商品和服务贸易,“另”企业跨境投资和资本流动;有“意外发现在全球化,和一些新兴市场经济体区分明显受益于一季度世纪”[ 4 ]中。一个独特的现象站分别从贸易自由化和国际外交,全球化需要在财富和劳动力的再分配主义色彩。在全球化,“资本的分配更有效”和“全球福利较高时,资本自由跨越国界”[ 5 ]。对社会,经济中和代表,和文化上的障碍,正如前面提到的,全球化的实践取决于为国家对外授权增加资本流动和进一步整合新的市场(甚至整个群体)进社区。当代全球化,根据Jan Nederveen Pieterse,可谓:套餐,包括信息化(信息技术应用)、柔性化(在生产和劳动组织,以及各种失范)变化,如分区和状态重构。自上世纪80年代以来,新自由主义政策的影响日益增加的全球化方案,放松管制(自由化、私有化)、市场化(释放市场力量),金融化和证券化(转换为可交易的金融工具的资产),和精益政府的意识形态


Economically, globalisation posits the distribution of labour internationally and the “integration of national economies” through trade in goods and services, “cross-border corporate investment and capital flows on the other”; there is “serendipity in globalisation, and several emerging market economies discernibly and measurably benefited from it during the preceding quarter-century”[4]. A unique phenomenon standing separately from trade liberalisation and international diplomacy, globalisation takes on near-Marxist undertones in the redistribution of wealth and labour. In globalisation, “the allocation of capital is more efficient” and “global welfare is higher when capital flows freely across national borders”[5]. Representative of the neutralisation of social, economic, and cultural barriers as previously mentioned, the practice of globalisation depends on the outward investiture of nations in order to increase capital flows and further integrate new markets (and sometimes entire populations) into the community. Contemporary globalisation, according to Jan Nederveen Pieterse, can be described as:
…a package deal that includes informatization (applications of information technology), flexibilization (destandardization in the organization of production and labor), and various changes such as regionalization and the reconfiguration of states. Since the 1980s, the growing impact of neoliberal policies add to the globalization package, deregulation (liberalization, privatization), marketization (unleashing market forces), financialization and securitization (conversion of assets into tradable financial instruments), and the ideology of lean government


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