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指导实践(跟随我)-教师引导学生通过使用三段式/学习风格方法——听/看/做来完成技能的必要步骤。老师将会经历故事中明显存在的东西(例如:人物、场景、故事中发生的事情等等),一旦老师讲完那些显而易见的部分,他们就会进入故事的道德和概念。学生们将被要求把他们的作品分解成显而易见的部分,然后深入到故事的更深入的点(基于老师给他们展示的内容)。检查理解(CFU) -教师可以使用其他熟悉的故事,学生已经理解的主要概念。在这一点上,学生将能够确定主要的概念和最终的道德的故事。老师会四处走动,问学生是否理解故事中呈现的概念,如果理解了,老师就可以继续讲课,让学生自己写故事,包含他们所学到的一些概念。这些学生将被追究责任,因为他们在这段时间里可能问过的任何问题。


Guided Practice (follow me) – The teacher leads the students through the steps necessary to perform the skill using the trimodal/learning styles approach – hear/see/do. The teacher will go through what is obviously present in the story (for example: the characters, setting, what is happening in the story etc…) once the teacher has gone over the obvious parts, they will then go into the morals and concepts of the story. Students will be required to take their pieces of literature, break them down into what is obvious and then go into the more in depth points of the story ( based on what the teacher has shown them) this will involve the methods of demonstration, drill and practice and tutorial. Checking For Understanding (CFU) – The teacher can then use other familiar stories that the students already understand the main concepts of. At this point the students will be able to determine the main concepts and ultimately the moral of the story. The teacher will go around and ask whether the students understand what concepts are being presented in the story and if they do then the teacher can move on with the lesson and have students’ begin writing their own stories that contain some of the concepts they have learnt. The students will be held accountable for asking any questions they may have had during this time.

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