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Education for peace encounters many problems when integrated with in the teaching learning process. Curriculum load is one of them. Curriculum load has serious practical implications for implementing education for peace. Completion of curriculum acts as the end product itself and the purpose of education get lost in this “race”. Secondly, evaluation practices encourage competition and everyone wants to learn only for excellent grades and marks because these marks make them eligible for higher paid and reputed employment opportunities. Third, teacher education does not equip the learners with innovation and imagination and they were not even sensitized about their role as peace builders. Fourth daily practices of school do not reflect peace. Discrimination and injustice are the form of violence and schools are still perpetuating the discrimination which is based on gender and caste. Fifth the media is pervasive presence today and children observe and follow a lot from the visual media. Most of the reactions of the youth today are greatly inspired by the films. Sixth, social pressure and competition to move ahead from others too challenge education for peace as everyone wants a quick solution. People don’t have faith in peaceful methods.


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