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马奈代表移动Ad hoc网络。分散的自治无线系统由自由节点。马奈有时被称为移动网状网络。马奈是一个自我配置无线网络。马奈由移动节点,路由器有多个主机和无线通信设备。无线通信设备是发射器,接收器和天线。这些天线可以是任何类型的。这些节点可以固定或移动。节点称为一词,它在各个方向自由移动任意。这些节点可以是一个手机,笔记本电脑,个人数字辅助、MP3播放器和个人电脑。这些节点,可能在汽车、船舶、飞机、人有小型电子设备[59]。随机节点可以连接到对方,形成任意拓扑。节点相互交流以及数据包转发给邻居节点作为一个路由器。这些节点的能力的自我配置使得它们更适合迫切需要网络连接。例如在灾难袭击的地方没有通信基础设施。这是极大的渴望有一个快速的通信基础设施。马奈的快速补救任何灾难情况。这个词特别为一个特殊目的的手段。所以马奈自发网络是有用的在处理一些设备的无线设备的网络通信会话期间只和需要一个动态的网络拓扑是突出。MANET工作组(WG)在因特网工程任务组(IETF)工作专门开发的IP路由协议的拓扑。为了提高移动路由和接口定义标准使用在互联网协议套件


MANET stands for Mobile Ad hoc Network. A decentralized autonomous wireless system which consists of free nodes. MANET sometimes called mobile mesh network. MANET is a self configurable wireless network. A MANET consists of mobile nodes, a router with multiple hosts and wireless communication devices. The wireless communication devices are as transmitters, receivers and antennas. These antennas can be of any kind. These nodes can be fixed or mobile. The term node referred to as, which are free to move arbitrarily in every direction. These nodes can be a mobile phone, laptop, personal digital assistance, MP3 player and personal computer. These nodes located, might be in cars, ships, airplanes or with people having small electronic devices [59]. Nodes can connect to each other randomly and forming arbitrary topologies. Nodes communicate to each other and also forward packets to neighbor nodes as a router. The ability of self configuration of these nodes makes them more suitable for urgently required network connection. For example in disaster hit areas where there is no communication infrastructure. It is greatly desired to have a quick communication infrastructure. MANET is the quick remedy for any disaster situation. The word Ad hoc means ‘For a special purpose’. So MANET a spontaneous network is useful when dealing with wireless devices in which some of the devices are part of the network only for the duration of a communication session and the need for a dynamic network topology is prominent. The MANET working group (WG) within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) working specifically on developing IP routing protocols topologies. In order to improve mobile routing and interface definition standards for use within the Internet protocol suite


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